DISPLIO Pre-Orders

We're still setting up the pre-orders. Leave us your email and we'll notify you when you'll be able to order your DISPLIO.

DISPLIO is a WiFi display that is completely standalone and is highly customizable. It allows you to choose from a wide selection of widgets and makes the information that is important to you available anywhere with just a glance. It can also receive notifications about calendar reminders and emails, eliminating the need to constantly check your phone or computer.


At home, it can tell you things like weather and calendar and notify you on new emails or remainders. At office, it can track your business metrics and stats or even meeting room reservations.

Here's some of the widgets available on the DISPLIO:
  • Weather - weather conditions, forecast and room temperature.
  • Calendar - your daily agenda and notifications for upcoming events.
  • Stocks - current stock prices.
  • E-Mail - unread message count and notifications for new emails.
  • Traffic - live traffic conditions.
  • FitBit - your daily progress and leaderboard.
  • Facebook - likes and messages.
  • Twitter - mentions, followers and your feed.
  • Basecamp - todos and milestones.
  • Reminders
  • Paypal balance
  • Shipment tracking
  • Countdown
  • And many more... - We plan to build even more widgets and intergrate with different 3rd party services during and after development. And with the developer API available to anyone, there's no limit to what DISPLIO can display.


Alongside your widgets, DISPLIO can display important notifications like new email alerts and remainders and the built in speaker will get your attention when they arrive.

WebClip widget

Grab any part of a any webpage and turn it into a widget with few clicks. You can setup WebClip easily using smartphone app or a browser extension (available on Firefox, Chrome and Safari). After setup the widget is completely standalone and does not require your computer, smartphone or browser afterwards.

Meeting Room Reservations

Connect DISPLIO to your google calendar or use a meeting room reservation tool like 1work.com to automatically display status outside the meeting room.

Live Facebook Like Counter

Connect DISPLIO to a facebook page and track the number of likes for your own products.



DISPLIO is available in 7 colors (white, black, red, blue, green, yellow and gray) as well as wood casing and with it's simple and elegant design, it's a nice addition to any home or office interior. And because it runs on batteries, you can put it almost anywhere.


DISPLIO doesn't have any buttons - you interact using gestures. Tap or shake DISPLIO to reload when it's running on batteries and rotate to switch between multiple widgets.


It uses an e-ink display that doesn't distract you and the built-in speaker will get your attention for important notifications. It connects to the internet using WiFi and with the built-in battery it's completely wireless.

* MicroUSB charger (included)

* Dimensions (W*H*D): 63 mm (2.48") x 82 mm (3.23") x 28 mm (1.1") 

There is a USB-micro port on the back of the DISPLIO for charging, configuring and upgrading firmware. And a button for turning it on or off and performing a reset.

Smartphone App

DISPLIO comes with an app that's available on iOS and Android smartphones and helps you to easily setup DISPLIO, install and configure widgets and receive notifications when its battery is low.

API and Developer Tools

The API is open for anyone to develop their own widgets and we provide libraries for most programming languages as well as visual editor to make building widgets quickly and easily.

Battery life

We designed DISPLIO to be wireless and with emphasis on a long battery life. We chose e-ink display technology and large battery to make it run for a long time on a single charge. Battery life depends on the widgets used and how frequently the information changes. In most cases the battery life is about a month. And you choose between longer battery life or more instant updates.

Language and character support

We’ve been asked many times if DISPLIOs display supports Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and other languages. Yes, it does! We support UTF-8 and can display any symbol or character.

About Us

We’re a small team of really passionate engineers, software developers and designers who love technology. We’re a part of the Draugiem Group – a Latvian IT group, that has years of experience in variety of tech projects like home automation, GPS tracking and telemetry.

Want to know more?

Thank you for showing interest in DISPLIO. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, email us at info@displ.io